When William Penn and company bought West Jersey, there were already settlers in the area. There was some question as to whether these settlers would recognize the new proprietors and subject themselves to their government. Accordingly The Concessions and Agreements of the Proprietors, Freeholders was drawn up in England. The new proprietors signed it. Settlers about to sail for West Jersey signed it. Finally it was circulated in West Jersey and was signed by many of the settlers already here, including Dutch and Swedes.

    The original document is in the possession of the Proprietors of West Jersey and we hope the will bring it down for display when they hold their 1986 meeting in Gloucester County as the guests of the Board of chosen freeholders, As part of their first visit we hope they will attend a public meeting at which they can display the original and tell us about it.

    As part of the same meeting, the Cultural and Heritage Commission will make an award to any person descended from one of the signers of the Concessions and Agreements: The rule is that it you live in Gloucester County, an award will be made for you no matter it your ancestor lived in Gloucester County or not. However, if your ancestor lived in old Gloucester County (which included present Camden and Atlantic Counties) you may reside wherever you will and the award will be made.

    However, we will not trace your ancestory for you. You must do that and complete the adjacent form. Return this to the Gloucester County Cultural and Heritage Commission, C/O Dr. Robert Harper, Glassboro State College, Glassboro N.J. 06028. He is arranging to have the lineages checked and if found faultless, the award will be made.

Charles Crabbe Thomas

The following is the list of names appended to the ancestory, from one whom you must be descended:
John Pledger,
Richard Wilkinson
Christopher Saunders
Reneare Vanhurst,
William Johnson,
Charles Bagley,
Samuel Wade,
Thomas Woodrofe,
John Smith,
Thomas Peirce,
William Warner,
Joseph Warne,
Isaac Smart,
Andrew Thompson,
Thomas Kent
Henry Jenings.
Henry Stubbens,
William Willis
George Haselwood,
Rodger Pedrick,
William Hughes,
Abraham Vanbighst,
Hipolitas Lefever,
William Wilkinson
Andrew Shermock,
Ricchard Warsan,
Christopher White,
Paul Doequet
John Maddocks,
John Forrist,
James Vicary,
William Rumsey,
Richard Robison,
Mark Reeve,
Thomas Watson,
Samuel Nicholson,
Daniel Smith,
Richard Daniel,
William Penton,
William Daniel,
Robert Zane,
Walter Peiterson,
Anthony Page,
Thomas Lambert,
Thomas Hooton,
Henry Stacy,
Art Jansen,
John Surege,
Thomas Smith,
James Pearce,
Edward Web,
Lause Cornelious,
Samuel Hedge,
William Master,
John Grubb,
John Worildge,
E. Meyor,
Thomas Barton,
Robert Powel
Thomas Harding,
Mathew Allen,
R. Right
Andrew Bartleson,
Woolley Woolison,
Anthony Dickson,
John Denna,
Thomas Benfan,
John Paine,
Richard Buffington,
Samuel Lovat
Barnard Devenish,
Thomas Stokes,
Thomas French,
Isaac Marriot
John Butcher,
Geo. Hutchinson,
Thomas Gardner,
Thomas Eves,
John Barton,
John Pains,
Richard Fenimore,
Thomas Schooley,
Godfrey Hancock,
John Petty,
Abraham Hewlings,
John Newbold,
John White,
John Roberts,
John Wood,
John Gosing,
Thomas Revel,
Eliazer Fenton,
Samuel Oldaled,
William Black,
Anthony Woodhouse,
Daniel Leeds,
John Pancoast
Francis Beswick,
William Laswall,
John Snowden,
Grena Jacobson
Ed Bylyage,
Richard Smith,
Edward Nethorp,
John Penford,
Daniel Wills,
Thomas Oller,
Thomas Rudyard,
William Biddle,
Robert Stacy,
John Farrington,
William Roydon,
Richard Mow,
Gawen Laurie,
William Penn,
William Emley,
Joshua Wright
Nicholas Lucas,
William Haig,
William Peachee,
Richard Mathews,
John Haracis,
Francis Collins,
William Kent
Benjamin Scott,
Perivall Towle,
Mahlon Stacy,
Thomas Budd,
Samuel Jeninns,
John Lambert,
William Heulings
George Deacon,
John Thompson,
Edward Bradway,
Richard Guy,
James Nevill,
William Cantwell,
Fospe Ontstont,
Machgyel Barow,
Casp. Herman,
Turrse Plese,
Robert Komble,
John Cornelise,
Garret Van Fumme,
William Gill Johnson,
Michael Lackerouse,
Markas Algus
Evert Aldricks,
Hendrick Everson,
Jillis Tomesen,
Claas Fauson,