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Quakers & the Political Process

An exhibit, July to Dec. 2000

Quakers & the Political Process
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Exhibit 2000 Working Group

As soon as the announcement of the selection of Philadelphia as the site for the 2000 Republican Convention was made, several members of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends began meeting together to see if it were possible to mount a meaningful exhibit portraying the involvement of Quakers in the political process from the earliest days of the religion to the present time. This group of Friends from many different Monthly Meetings (local congregations) proceeded to meet together under the sponsorship of the Standing Committee on Support and Outreach (one of five major committees of PYM which aids Friends to live their faith through action.)

Clerk: Sally Rickerman · sshhrr@earthlink.net
Recording Clerk: Phil Gilbert · PLGILBERT@aol.com

It was decided that this exhibit would be housed at the historic Arch Street Meetinghouse which has a large space friendly to showcasing several informative display panels. An added advantage to this site is that it is on the path of visitors walking between the Liberty Bell Pavilion and the Betsy Ross House. Located at 304 Arch Street, it is just east of 4th Street.

During the high tourist season, Friends from many of the Monthly Meetings of the area will be at the Arch Street Meetinghouse to act as guides or docents as visitors arrive.

Painting illustrating the biblical passage, Isaiah 11:6-9, with William Penn and other Friends making a treaty with the Indians in the background.
Edward Hicks, Peaceable Kingdom.


For Visitors: It is our hope and intention that we will have an enlightening and interesting exhibit for visitors to Philadelphia to learn more about Quakers, in general, and specifically about a religion, despite its relatively small numbers, has and continues to have a substantial influence on politics in this country by Living Faith into Action.

For Visiting Friends: We hope that we will be able to be informative about the various ways in which not only the Holy Experiment and current activities of Friends in this area has been able to sustain and respond to our fundamental belief of "That of God" in everyone.

For local Friends: The 2000 Exhibit Working Group is proud to be able to mount an exhibit reminding us and informing the public about the way we, at our best, are and have been able to live our faith into action. For this to be the most effective exhibit, we need the participation of local Friends. Philadelphia is expecting a huge increase in its number of out-of-town visitors this summer. We also hope that out exhibit will attract a large number of visitors to Arch Street Meetinghouse. This means that our excellent receptionist/interpreter at Arch Street will need the presence of local Friends to assist in being guides/docents.

Can you contact Sandy Sudofsky at 215-627-2667 or 304 Arch Street, Philadelphia PA 19106, and let her know of your willingness and convenient times.

She will then schedule you. We have an unprecedented opportunity for being an important presence in Philadelphia this summer. To be successful, we need your participation!

Contact Information

Quaker Information Center will be the primary source for the Quaker activities in and around Philadelphia this summer. Their phone number is: 215-241-7024. Email: quakerinfo@afsc.org. Address: 1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia PA 19102

Arch Street Meetinghouse sits on the southeast corner of Fourth and Arch Streets. It is across from the Holiday Inn on Fourth Street. Visitors who are at the Liberty Bell Pavilion* would walk one block north to Arch Street, cross Fifth Street to the right (East) and walk one block to Fourth Street and cross it. The Meeting house sits immediately to the right (south). It is open to visitors from 10 to 4 Mondays through Saturdays. Phone: 215-627-2667.

* - An interesting note on the Liberty Bell. It was ordered by the Pennsylvania Assembly in 1751 to celebrate the Jubilee Year (5Oth) of Penn's Charter of Liberties. The quote on it comes from Leviticus 25:10 in the Bible. Although many connect it with the formation of the United States, it was indeed cast for a celebration some 25 years before the Declaration of Independence!


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